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Student Comments

"Right from the start, I felt confident that I would finally get the help I needed with understanding language techniques. We discussed my daily routine and was able to organise my home-study timetable, to include extra reading goals and comprehension activities. 


Tutoring has made a big difference to my spelling, vocabulary, and my creative writing."

                                                        Paige - Year 9. Sutton Coldfield


"Maximum Tutoring helped me to relax, plan and focus on making clear notes for all my texts. I really started to enjoy and understand themes in Blood Brothers!  I still have a lot of work to do. Now I can deal with it in useful, small chunks."                                                                       Alysiah - Year 10. Wylde Green 

"Elaine at Maximum Tutoring is genuinely concerned with helping you enjoy English Literature.  I now realise how important it is to read and study more in my spare time. I feel more confident in class."

                                                              Charlotte - Year 10. Great Barr

"Great help with my homework and note-taking in class. I keep my notes clear and neat. Great when I have to revise.  Fun and professional tutoring." 

                                                                    James -  Year 11 Erdington  


"I am very grateful for the way Maximum teaches. Elaine has helped me to understand poetry techniques more fully. I can write about poetry with more confidence. English is more interesting now I understand more. I think I might even be starting to have a little love for poetry.  Just what I needed. Now I believe I can improve.                                                                                                                                         Harley - Year 10. Walsall

Parent Comments

"Great tutoring! My son received lots of very useful tips and activities to boost his English. He is always excited to learn and much more confident in class. His teacher mentioned a dramatic change in his work, after just two weeks."                                                          Mother of  Ricardo - Year 7. Sutton Coldfield



"Maximum Tutoring encourages both parent and child in the process. You are given ideas on how to support your child and learning style. Elaine is genuinely committed to teaching and improving my daughter's learning experience."                                                                                            Mother of Ella - Year 6. Walsall



"I would recommend Maximum Tutoring, as a result of their service, my son is more organised and focused when doing his homework. Having manageable learning targets has helped us target spelling and develop his vocabulary. He enjoys school more and loves to talk about his day."                                       

                                                    Father of  Cohen - Year 2. Boldmere



"Exactly what we all needed. It was a worry - SATs test made my daughter nervous.  After a few sessions at Maximum, preparing for the test and refocusing. Helped to reassure me and my daughter. Thank you."        

                                              Mother of Shona - Year 2. Handsworth



"Maximum offered my daughter the time and expertise I was unable to give. Her Smart Plan helped to target areas of weakness and provided a structure for steady progress. My daughter has shared some of her ideas with her friends in the class.  Extremely pleased!"

                                        Father of Alisiya - Year 5. Sutton Coldfield