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Proven Success: 90%
grade improvement;
75% higher test scores


We are excited to be able to offer, our creative tutoring services that focus on developing skills in Study Skills, Core Subjects Maths and English, learning, performance in SATs Assessments, 11 Plus and GCSE Exams.   


We provide our Individual Learning Plan -ILP, with timetabling and continuous progress targets guaranteed to accelerate individual study skills and improve results.


I know from experience with my own children who received tutoring; tutoring works. Results show the benefits of tutoring are: 90% grade improvement and 75% higher test scores.

From Teacher To Tutor: My Story


Having four children of my own, I know only too well how it feels to see them struggle, in a subject area that I have little knowledge and experience in. I also know, after teaching; English, Drama and mentoring in schools, college and community projects for twenty years, it is nearly impossible to plan for a class of twenty-five plus individuals, to learn and show progress in the classroom. 


Over the last four years, outside the walls of the classroom, I have been able to assist children and young people, gain confidence and accelerate in learning. I believe that learning can be fun; if not inspiring; if not rewarding. When students develop into confident learners, accessing the grit required to stay motivated, they are open to a greater range of life opportunities.


I didn’t achieve my best while I was in school; to be honest I was a little distracted during lessons.

Benefits of



Maximum Tutoring offers a range of tuition to support:

  • Assisted Learning Intervention

  • Key Stage 2 Core Skills

  • SATs Preparation

  • 11 Plus Preparation

  • Key Stage 3 & 4 English

  • GCSE English

The command of the English language becomes increasingly important as students grow older. Being able to effectively read, write, comprehend, and communicate thoughts and ideas well, is key to achieving good marks in school and influencing people throughout one’s life.

Individual Learning Plan -ILP

Your child's first lesson includes a FREE Initial Learning Assessment is designed to support and inspire individual learning styles and interests.


Our creative methods help individuals to develop their specific learning style, to enable accelerated progress during school and in everyday life.


During the initial meeting of tutor and student, we take time to discuss any learner needs - already identified - any areas of concerns in subject matter and possible barriers to learning.


Students are encouraged to complete a short Question and Answer Sheet, to further identify areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.


After the learning assessment, a personalised ILP, is jointly created to help pace and support individuals, as they strive towards their maximum performance level.

Benefits of Tuition

1. Undivided Attention
At times the classroom can be dominated by the most confident and attention-grabbing students. Quiet individuals who beaver along, with little fuss can often get overlooked by the teacher...


May  2017

Makes You

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body, and so there are countless benefits we receive the more we read. Here are the top 10 benefits of reading:


May 2017

Meeting the Needs
of Seven Different
Types of Learning

Why Learning Styles?

Your learning style can be helpful in improving your grades!  Students learn in many ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things first hand.


Being aware of your learning style can help you develop study habit that  focus  and maximise the time spent learning.


May 2017


     Fun and creative style of teaching. My daughter looks forwards to each lesson and loves to share her ideas with friends and family.

KS2 — Kelly's  Mother Great Barr



    I was struggling to find time to read and to appreciate the themes in Romeo and Juliet. After just one lesson with Maximum, discussing the themes, I feel confident. I even have time to read  read at breakfast!



Year 10 — Rose Sutton Coldfield

    My son is so much more happier. Teachers are amazed at how much more he takes part in group discussion. Maximum Tutoring is 'win, win!'

KS2 -Josh's  Father Sutton Coldfield



  I'm much more organised and able to use my study time more effectively. It took a bit of time to change my habits. I had to work at it. I am more disciplined and  really feel confident about my  progress. 

KS3 — Joseph  Boldmere