YEARS 5 & 6   11 PLUS EXAM Preparation

Year 5 is a year for your child to acquire and build the following skills:


Building a wide vocabulary and accurate spelling skills are essential for the 11 Plus exam


This has a huge impact on Verbal Reasoning tests, on comprehension tests and on their ability to write descriptively.


Children need to do activities to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills throughout year five all the way through to the 11 Plus exams. Homework should be completed every week. This includes reading each day and literacy development work that focuses on Synonyms, Antonyms, Plural structures, and Homophones.


Comprehension preparation for 11 Plus exams

Most children will do a comprehension test when they do their 11 Plus exam. In addition to reading everyday children continue to do regular work on comprehension exercises.

Maximum include a variety of different tests as this helps children to develop flexible skills.


Times Tables – very important for 11 Plus exam success

This is the very last chance to develop the strongest possible times tables skills. Children will work through their tables quite intensively to bring these skills up to scratch. This results in improved speed and accuracy.

We would suggest at least one tables activity each week.


Mental Maths and Maths Problems preparation

Children need to do plenty of questions to make progress in Maths. Doing questions helps them focus on accuracy which will be critical for any 11 Plus exam.

Children work on Mental Maths questions and Maths Problems throughout year five until they start doing timed papers.



Verbal Reasoning preparation in year 5 

Children normally find Verbal Reasoning quite easy to get to grips with as long as they have developed a strong vocabulary and spelling skills.


We’d suggest children spend a couple of weeks just learning about the 21 different question types and having a go at some questions. They can then do some weekly varied tests to further develop their skills.

(NB CEM VR tests can include the 21 types so this is still worthwhile work to do).


Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation in year 5

There are no special core skills children need for Non-VR (although some children continue to be caught out by not reading the question properly). 11 Plus Non-VR tests normally reward the ability to work quickly and accurately.

There are 7 or 8 different formats of questions to get to grips with through practice questions.


Doing 11 Plus exam test papers in year 5

When the child has learned the skills necessary for completing exam papers, they will be presented with times papers.


Or Programme generally starts with slightly easier papers and then move onto doing more difficult papers. The reason for this is that initially, the point of doing papers is to get children working to the correct speed and working accurately.


How many 11 Plus exam test papers to do as part of a preparation exercise


Accelerate Progress 25 Weeks. The programme has focused on developing core skills and speed techniques. The remaining 25 weeks included papers in text conditions and a Mock Exam.


Completing papers which produces improvement through marking, feedback, encouragement and gap filling. Done properly this takes a great deal of time.