English Key Stage 2

Fine Motor Skill Development



Reading Skills and Comprehension

Spelling and Extending Vocabulary

Grammar and Punctuation

Structuring Texts

Writing Skills

Planning and Independent Writing​

Maximum Tutoring's English programmes teach how to consolidate and combine skills through a unique building structure.


Our teaching and resources cover all aspects of English, including SPaG, within the context of a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry genres, such as traditional tales, recounts, and performance poems.


We creatively encourage students to read and write with competence and confidence.  Our teaching focuses on building skills from reading and word recognition to advanced level comprehension with the ability to critique complex passages of text. 


Our innovative learning intervention helps children to excel academically, be confident in the classroom, thrive in exams, and perform diligently in school and beyond.

Students will be guided through their programme at a pace that suits their learning needs. Key areas are revised and developed in gradual steps, embedding and growing students' understanding to ensure confidence and success.