Confidence to succeed
Confidence to succeed

Student enjoying lesson

Interested Student
Interested Student

Happy and confident to study and achieve in the classroom and at home.



The Benefits 

Maximum Tutoring has a range of creative tuition to support:


  • Key Stage 1 & 2 Core Skills

  • SATs Preparation

  • 11 Plus Preparation

  • Key Stage 3 & 4 English

  • One-to-One

  • Small Groups of 3-5

  • Homeschooling

  • School Assisted Learning Intervention

About Us

Maximum Tutoring offers creative and structured tuition that boosts learning,  builds confidence and accelerates progress.

Our programme includes students' Individual Smart Learning Plans.  ISLPs support student learning style with innovative activities beyond the classroom.


Maximum tutoring created to pace and inspire learners, as they strive to achieve higher grades and meet their targets.

Our Classroom

Our bright, resourceful classroom enables students to progress faster,  with focused attention, in an inspiring learning zone. 

We provide a range of learning support and cater for individual  Learning Styles.  

Our Classroom includes:

Library of learning materials

Reading Books

IT Interactive resource

Initial Assessment with First Lesson

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